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How to choose water spray interlining, keep in mind the 7 major purchase conditions

Date:Nov-23 2021 Author:Changrui Interlining Reading:


    The physical performance indicators of water spray lining mainly refer to shrinkage rate, heat shrinkage rate, peel strength, washing resistance, dry cleaning resistance, glue penetration, stiffness, drape, wrinkle recovery, chlorine damage strength, yellowing strength, tailoring adhesion Performance, air permeability, water permeability, moisture permeability, thermal conductivity, aging resistance and hand feel.

     The quality of water-jet interlining directly affects the quality and use value of clothing. Therefore, clothing has certain quality requirements for water-jet cloth. According to experience, the performance and quality of spray cloth should meet the following requirements:

   1. To bond the water-jet cloth to the fabric firmly, it must achieve a certain peel strength.

   2. The size change of the water-sprayed cloth should be small after washing and hot pressing.

   3. After the water-jet cloth is pressed and dry-cleaned, its appearance and color should not change, and it should not be yellow. The surface of the fabric and the interlining should not be leaked, and should maintain a good feel, elasticity and stiffness.

   4. The shrinkage rate of the water-jet cloth should be consistent with that of the fabric to ensure that the clothes will have a flat appearance, no wrinkles, no curling, no blistering, no degumming, and repeated washing frequently, and their performance remains unchanged.

   5. The clothing after the water-jet cloth and the fabric are bonded must have good air permeability, moisture permeability, and water permeability to ensure ventilation, sweat and moisture can leak out smoothly, and to ensure comfortable wearing.

   6. The water-jet cloth can be pressed and bonded with the fabric at a lower temperature, and it will not damage the fabric and affect the feel of the garment during pressing.

   7. The water-jet cloth needs to have good seamability and shearability. It should not contaminate the blade when cutting, and the garment piece will not stick when it is cut close. The needle slides freely during sewing and does not stain the needle eye of the needle.