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Date:Dec-19 2016 Author:Changrui Interlining Reading:

There is a lot of problem occurring from fusing interlining during operation period with on component. Possible problem are like below:

** Improper fused.

** Glue mark visible at surface.

** Fullness of fusing area.

** Fabric discoloration.

** Transfer glue one component to another component.

** Pleat on process.

** Spot on fabric.

** Bubble

** Shrinkage.

There are a lot of quality control tools we are using to control quality in fused area:

** Machine with well condition.

**Data sheet.

**Thermo paper strip.

** Digital tester.

** Bonding tester.

** Shrinkage ruler.

** Machine celebration checking report.

** Bonding test and report.

** Scissor.

** Sufficient Light.

Data Sheet: Data sheet is most important quality control guide lines which are provided by the interlining supplier, Machine supplier. Also we can get it from any testing company or factories technician can prepare data sheet if, they have proper testing equipment and sufficient knowledge about fusing testing procedure.

Data sheet contained all inform like below:

*** What are the temperature requirements for the individual component?

*** How many weight presser need to individual component?

*** How much time need for individual component pass through the machine belt surface?

*** How many weight and time need for the bonding strength test?

After getting data sheet fusing operator and QC will check machine temperature with the thermal paper strip or digital tester. And setting presser and temperature according to data sheet. After complete those procedure, machine will be ready for operation. From the beginning of production need to check bonding strength test for confirm fused is ok or not. If found ok then production will be continue.

Observation: from the sourcing to fussed stage need to follow up below point accordingly:

Temperature: Need to confirm machine temperature is accordingly to data sheet. Because temperature is very sensitive element. If machine temperature is more than according to data sheet, then there is possibility to come burn mark, color change on fabric surface. Also glue mark can come out surface of fabric. If temperature is less then according to data sheet than there is possibility to pulling out fusing, bobbling, fullness and twisting.

Layer: Need to place single layer of component on machine. If place double or more layer then glue can transfer from one to another layer. So in this observe have to take more concentration.

Fusing measurement: Fusing length and width not more than the component. If fusing bigger more than component then glue can be transfer on machine roller and conveyor belt. As result fused mark will come on surface of another component. Also adhesive place on the roller and conveyor belt with in lowest amount of time. As a result dirty mark, burn mark will come and component will be jammed up in side of machine.

Cleanness: Need to clean machine roller and belt minimum twice a day. By the silicon oil and ingredient silicon and paraffin. If machine roller, belt is not cleaning properly than component will be jammed up in side of machine. As a result component became puckering, twisting, burning mark and color change can be occurring on the surface of fabric.

Fusing selection: Fusing selection is an important factor for getting in accurate quality. Fusing selection defends on fabric thickness construction and fabric character. For right fabric need to select right fusing. There is no alternative. Like light fabric need to use low doted density fusing and heavy fabric need to high doted density fusing.

Also for lycra fabric need to use expanded fusing. If low doted density fusing used for the heavy thickness fabric than fusing will not fused properly and Fusing will coming out during bonding test or after wash. Same as if heavy doted density fusing are use for light fabric than glue mark coming on surface, also burn mark and color change can be take place on fabric.

Fusing properly placed: If fusing placed unevenly or un smoothly on the component, after fused fullness, twisting and uneven foundation will come.

Bonding Test report: It is mandatory to prepare bonding test report minimum three times in a day. Bonding test prepare with the mock sample And need to keep record in reporting sheet.

Shrinkage: Shrinkage is one of the most important elements. For every individual component need to shrinkage test. If found shrinkage different between fusing and fabric in that case can taking place fullness, bobbling, twisting and poor shape after fused on machine, dry cleaning and washing.

Wash Test: Need to make sure by the wash or dry cleaning that, fusing is fused properly. There is no more chance to pulling out fusing, twisting, bobbling after wash and dry cleaning.

So for make sure standard quality of components we have to more concern about all those procedure. Absolutely we will not face any kinds of problem which are move up from fusing section, if we implement and follow all those procedure properly.