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How Interlining Features Influence Your Choice

Date:Dec-19 2016 Author:Changrui Interlining Reading:

As a interlining dealer, knowing its features will benefit a lot to choose right interlining for garment or interlining business. Interlining can be divided into two main types whether with glue or not, fusible interlining and non fusible interlining. Also, can be divided into two types by fabric , woven interlining and non woven interlining.

1.Fusible Interlining

Fusible interlining means use a layer of glue stick on the interlining. It is most widely used interlining, because it easily to use, especially for beginners . It’s used to make buttonholes, zipper edges, pockets and shirt collars. However, when you use fusible interlining, need take bellowing notes:

Too firm after fusing. So need test the interlining before fusing to the garments;

When used for very textured fabrics ,the glue won’t bonding well to the fabric;

Permeability is not good for some fabric, so must select right fabric;

The surface of the fabric must flatten when fusing, if any nap or crinkle, it will influence the adhesive effect.

2.Non fusible Interlining

Non fusible interlining means the interlining didn’t coating glue, it looks paper. Through high temperature and high pressure to make it clip in the fabric. It is softer and more supple shaping than fusible interlining, the features as following:

Hand feel is softer;

The price is low, so the quality is not good;

Processing time is less;

Not available for market;

3.Woven Interlining

This interlining like woven fabric, has a lengthwise and crosswise grain. Woven interfacing has glue on one or sides that is allows to adhere directly to the fabric. The glue side is either shiny or bumpy. When you cut woven interlining, must match the grain of the garments, to make sure the two layers of fabric work together properly. Because of the need to match the grain line, it is less economical than non-woven interfacing, which also can be cut in any direction. But there have following disadvantage:

High temperature is required;

Special care is needed during attaching interlining.

4. Non woven Interlining

This interlining like paper, it is made by bonding fibers together, so it didn’t have backing fabric. You can cut in any direction, so it is particularly easy to use, and is suitable for most uses, but it influenced by bellowing disadvantage:

Quality is not so good;

Low output, not suitable for mass production;


High labor cost.