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How to Choose Knitted Interlining?

Date:Dec-19 2016 Author:Changrui Interlining Reading:

Knitted clothing, especially the knitted outwear is different from the clothing using woven fabric. The most prominent feature of knitted fabric used for outwear is multi-directional extensibility. Because, not matter natural fiber fabric or synthetic fabric are adopted, the extensibility of knitted fabric is obvious, formed by interloping. For this, using the adhesive-bonded interlining which has same feature of knitted fabric is the priority for knitted outwear.

However, when choose lining cloth which has the same extensibility as knitted fabric, crisp property of knitted fabric after being bonded is not only considered, but also relatively stable knitted lining whose structure is different from extensibility of knitted fabric should be used when it is necessary for fixation and reinforcement, meeting the requirements of design and regulating fabric activity. For example, in terms of collar and cuff on knitted smock suit, woven or non –woven adhesive-bonded interlining which is uneasy for extending should be used, having better performance. Based on the design of knitted clothing and properties of knitted fabrics, distinctive choosing knitted lining is the key. For different types of adhesive-bonded interlinings, the activity performance after being bonded varies. Those changes should be taken into consideration during choosing and make the right choice. So, when use knitted interlining, the lining cloth having appropriate properties must be chosen under the situation that know about properties of knitted fabric and knitted outwear.