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Why is the quality of Changrui interlining products so good and the price is cheap

Date:Nov-23 2021 Author:Changrui Interlining Reading:

    1. Only high-quality interlining cloth, with superb production technology, product quality is guaranteed

    At present, there are many enterprises with ultra-low interlining prices on the market. Such enterprises only pursue money as their first pursuit, and do not consider whether quality is passed. A considerable number of enterprises still focus on low- and medium-grade old products in order to reduce costs, and often try to choose poor performance. The adhesive and process, and even the base fabric is also poor.

    Garment factories are indeed reducing costs when purchasing such goods, but the quality of the interlinings is also difficult to guarantee, which increases the company's systemic risks. At the same time, such interlining companies cannot afford such compensation. In the end, they can only close the factory and close down, and both suffer losses. Since the establishment of the factory, our factory has always adhered to the production of high-quality products, and resolutely only produces and sells environmentally friendly and ecological high-quality interlinings and products to ensure the quality of the products.

    The interlining production process produced by our company adopts the internationally leading "cold transfer" powder spot technology, which has the characteristics of soft hand feel, clear focus, high added value, etc., and its products and equipment are exported to overseas markets. , Highly recognized by customers at home and abroad.


    2. The equipment is its own, the manufacturing cost is low, and the manufacturer directly faces the customer

     The production equipment of many manufacturers is basically purchased, and very few of them are independently produced and developed. The price of gluing machines on the market ranges from 150,000 to 800,000. Coupled with labor costs, the manufacturer’s production costs are relatively high. At the same time, the sales of many interlinings are still dominated by distributors, and there is no independent production condition. The price difference is earned from them through retail sales, etc., which makes the price of the originally high-cost interlinings 20%-50% higher, which greatly increases The material cost of the clothing factory.

     Changrui has been involved in the R&D and manufacturing of equipment production since its establishment. Now it has the mass production capacity of equipment and forms an industrial chain, from the glue coating machine to the laminating machine, the cloth inspection machine, the shrinking finishing machine, and the drying room. Independent design and manufacture, with international patents. In the production of interlining, this undoubtedly reduces the cost of processing, and uses tools such as the Internet to make the products directly facing customers, which not only guarantees the quality of the products but also guarantees the reasonable price, and the price is extremely high.


    3. With 23 years of production experience, professional technical team and independent intellectual property rights

     The number of interlining enterprises has increased greatly in recent years, and their operating history is mostly about 10 to 15 years. The scale and strength of enterprises are uneven. At the same time, due to the limitations of interlining industry knowledge, they rely entirely on self-experience accumulation, peer exchanges and learning from abroad. Most of the enterprises are invested by the original distributors. They lack professional technical background, lack of financial strength, and backward production equipment and process technology.

     Since its establishment in 1995, our factory has 25 years of professional production experience and has witnessed the development process of interlining. Most of the company’s technicians have work experience of about 15-20 years, with rich experience and proficient technology, which can satisfy most The company's production requirements for interlinings, and at the same time, since the establishment of the company, it has taken independent innovation as a long-term development plan. While meeting the production, it continuously explores and develops new interlinings and equipment. Now it has a variety of high-quality products.