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The role of fusible interlining and the manual bonding process

Date:Nov-20 2021 Author:Changrui Interlining Reading:

    Rubber lining is a kind of lining cloth coated with hot melt glue, which is one of the commonly used auxiliary materials for garment making. After the patch is affixed to the cloth surface and heated and pressed, when the cloth surface needs to be crisp and thick, it can be reflected by adding an adhesive interlining. Today, the editor will give you a detailed introduction to the specific role of the bonding interlining and the manual bonding process.


    The special function of bonding interlining

     1. Make the garment obtain a satisfactory shape and play the role of a skeleton. With the help of the hardness and elasticity of the interlining, the clothing can be made flat or reach the expected shape without affecting the feel and style of the fabric.

     2. Improve the anti-wrinkle ability and strength of clothing. The clothing's collar, headwear, collar, front and front placket use fusible interlining, which can make the clothing flat and wrinkle-resistant. Compared with shirts, clothing is also more durable due to an extra layer of protection and fixation glued to the interlining.


    3. Make the hem of the garment clear, straight and beautiful, which can modify and beautify the garment. Fold the clothes, such as: stop, cuffs and cuff cuffs, hem cuffs, hem cuffs with adhesive lining, can make the fold line more straight and clear.

    4. Keep the shape and size of the garment structure stable, and play a role in shape preservation. The cut garment pieces will inevitably have some curved and slanted parts, such as collars, cuffs, etc., but the use of fusible interlining can ensure the stability of the structure and size of the garment; there are also some parts that are easy to be pulled during wearing Stretch, such as bag mouth, buttons, etc., but after using the adhesive interlining, it is not easy to stretch and deform.

    5. Make the clothes thick and increase the warmth of the clothes. It can be seen that the thickness will increase after sticking on the clothing, which also improves the warmth retention of the clothing.

    6. Improve the processing performance of clothing. In the sewing process, because it is not easy to grip, the processing of soft silk and single-sided thin knitted fabrics is relatively difficult. After the lining is used, the gripping force during sewing can be improved.

    Bonding interlining process by hand.

    1. When finding the cloth surface, first find out which side has glue, and then stick the interlining cloth, taking care not to make a mistake in the cloth.

    2. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the iron for bonding thin interlining cloth is set to 125-135℃, and the temperature of the iron for bonding thicker interlining cloth is set to 135-145℃; according to the type of fabric, if the fabric is woolen fabric, Use the "wool" logo, and chemical fiber fabrics can use the "chemical fiber" logo.

    3. Press the iron in one place for 7-10 seconds, and pressure must be applied when pressing, and it must be moved in sequence after it is firmly adhered, and be careful not to leave a gap when moving.