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Model and material introduction of collar lining

Date:Nov-23 2021 Author:Changrui Interlining Reading:

The interlining used on the collar surface is called the collar interlining, which is a special fusible interlining for suit collars and shirt collars. In order to achieve a certain degree of hardness and stiffness, the collar lining is usually treated with resin, so the collar lining is also a kind of resin lining and hard lining. In the early days, most of the collar linings (hard linings) used in China were imported high-end products. With the gradual development of my country's lining industry, the supply and production of collar linings (hard linings) currently on the market mainly come from domestic production.

Model introduction of collar size:

T2347HB width/inch 44 base fabric composition 100% polyester

Rubber powder coating process, powder point PA glue, weight 125, pressing temperature 135-145, pressure 3.5-4 time/sec 15-18, washing method, ordinary washing, suitable for clothing and fabrics, high-end trousers, hats, wedding linings

Hard interlining, resin interlining

Collar lining (hard lining cloth) should be selected according to the specific use, base cloth, hand feeling, washing size change and other factors when selecting it.

The classification of collar interlining (hard interlining) includes two types: adhesive interlining and non-adhesive interlining. The base fabric includes cotton interlining, polyester-cotton blended fabric, linen fabric, etc., which has a soft hand feeling, and also has raised (velvet) processed interlining. Due to the development of the industry, most of the linings used in collar linings are now adhesive-type collar linings, and most of the base fabrics use raw materials such as cotton lining, polyester-cotton blended fabric, and polyester. The hardness of the lining cloth can be divided into M type, S type, H type, HH type, HHH type according to the order of soft to hard. The hardness of the collar (hard lining cloth) can be selected according to the needs and use.

Hard interlining, resin interlining

The function of the collar lining: the collar lining (hard lining) is the "skeleton" formed by the collars of shirts, suits, coats, etc. It ensures that the shape of the collar design is not out of shape, and has the functions of stiffness, reinforcement and solidity. Use collar lining (hard The collar of the lining cloth fits the neck of the human body, which is stable in appearance and beautiful in plain clothes.

How to use the collar lining: When using the collar lining (hard lining cloth), cut it diagonally at a 45° angle. The cutting is divided into two steps: first rough cut into oblique strips, the width of which is the width of the suit face collar + the collar angle The height is up to the length of the collar + 2cm at the left and right ends; then, it is accurately cut according to the actual size (width and length) of the collar when in use.