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Interlining--the "skeleton" and "essence of clothing"

Date:Nov-23 2021 Author:Changrui Interlining Reading:

    Interlining is the skeleton of clothing, and a good interlining is the essence of clothing, especially the application of modern interlining, which makes clothing modeling and sewing technology obtain unexpected effects. It also serves to set off the fabric, improve the performance of the clothing, and improve the beautiful appearance of the clothing. Play a great role in promoting the perfect shape of the clothing, which can make up for the insufficient performance of the fabric. The role of interlining can be roughly summarized into the following aspects:

    1. Give clothing a good curve and body shape;

    2. Enhance the crispness and elasticity of clothing, and enhance the three-dimensional feeling;

    3. Improve the drape and fabric feel of the clothing, and enhance the comfort of the clothing;

    4. Increase the thickness, fullness and heat preservation of clothing;

    5. Prevent the clothing from deforming and keep the original shape after the clothing is worn and washed;

    6. Reinforce and reinforce some parts of the clothing.